RichMedia Banners

If you desire RichMedia Banners to maximize your online advertising efforts, we can give you what you need. RichMedia Banners are the most effective way of getting your message across. Prices on Richmedia banners vary depending on your needs. Our rates start at 30 cents CPC, or $2 CPM. Please contact us for more information.

Traditional Image Banners

Advertise your site with with a RON(Run of Network) campaign across all of our publishers. With our Choose your own pricing, no other advertising network can compete with our prices.

Choose your own Pricing? Because we pay publishers on a per banner basis, we can offer prices lower than competing networks. In fact, you are in control of how much you pay per click. You may pay as low as 8 cents per click. We keep a small portion of what you pay, and give the rest to the publisher. For instance, if you pay 8 cents per click, we will pay our publishers 5 cents per click. If you pay 12 cents per click, we will pay our publisher 8 cents per click. We always pay our publishers at least 60% of what you pay.

So why should I pay more? Publishers are allowed to reject any banner from showing up on their sites. Lets face it, publishers are only showing banners to get paid. Some publishers may choose to block lower paying banners to increase their profits. If you pay more, you'll get a much better response from our publishers. Some advertisers pay as much as 20 cents per click, which ends up reaching the host at 14 cents per click. These are the advertisers which usually receive the best results. If needed, we are always ready to help you maximize your results while meeting your budget requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Targeting? We provide banner targeting in 21 different categories. Prices vary depending on how many, and which categories you wish to advertise in. The charge comes in the form of a few extra cents per click. To achieve satisfactory results with targeted ads, we must increase the publishers pay to insure your banner will get the exposures you require. Please contact us for a quote on targeting.

CPM Rates? We also provide Choose your own Pricing based on CPM(Cost per 1000 Impressions) rates. The minimum CPM Rate is $1, which reaches the publishers around 65 cents.

Setup Fees? There is no charge for setting up an account.



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