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Advertising your site on our network of quality web sites provides an excellent return on your advertising investment.

Our pay per unique click program offers advertisers an opportunity to run effective banner ad campaigns with a much lower liability than traditional banner advertising.

CPC and CPM Models

Again - you can choose the best way to market your website. Please view the RATE CARD for the most current advertising rates with You should also check out the Promotions page to identify any great deals.

Real Time Stats

The I-Clicks Network has gone to great lengths to create a stat system that will provide advertisers an accurate and knowledgeable way to analyze marketing data. This system is up to the minute - real-time and password protected. You will be able to access instantly how many times your banner has been shown, how many click thru's you have generated, where your banners are being shown and much more.

Multiple Banners

We provide you with the opportunity to run multiple banners at the same time in the same account. Often a variance of banners can help to improve the success rate of a campaign. You can view what banners you are running in the stat interface - and make changes as well.

Multiple Banner Formats

The I-Clicks Network understands the need in advertising to support the latest - and greatest technologies when conveying a message. For that reason and many others we support rich media. The following are a list of supported media types:

  1. HTML Banners (HTML Scripts/Drop Downs/IFRAMEs)
  2. Java Script
  3. CGI Banners
  4. Interstital Excellent

Free Tech Support

Call us toll free to discuss your advertising campaign at 1-877-5-CLICKS Mon. - Fri. from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. pacific standard time. Or Email us for 24 hour support

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