If you run an e-commerce venture we can provide you with a comprehensive advertising solution and help connect your web site to the visitors it needs to thrive.

The I-Clicks Network can help you reach all of your online advertising goals from building a brand, to creating new customers and selling your products.

The Network

The I-Clicks Network has been created to provide online advertisers and marketers a creative and high quality way to access millions of impressions a month. A considerable amount of effort has been put into developing a system that not only maintains the highest standards of quality - but also serves up content in an efficient, cost effective - high speed process.

The Reliability Factor

Our application of the latest technology assures our clients of a highly reliable - high-speed network that can deliver the most secure and effective advertising on the web. We have employed a great deal of technology to eliminate fraudulent and miss-directed clicks. By doing so we have created an environment that will produce the most successful traffic available.

CPC and CPM Models

You can choose to advertise across our network by click or by exposure. Paying by the click you only pay for guaranteed visitors to your site. Buying bulk banners by the exposure allows you to put your ad in front of as many eyes as possible while utilizing an extremely cost-effective structure.

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