Other I-Clicks Network Services
In addition to our banner advertising, i-clicks offers a number of different and effective services designed to get your site the visibility it needs to become successful.
What is an Exposure
An exposure is each time a banner is shown some where on the network. If your banner has been shown 200 times on other sites, you have received 200 exposures.

What is a banner?
A banner is a 468 x 60 pixel graphic in the gif format that is used to advertise a web site. The banner is associated with a URL ( web site address ) so that when the banner is clicked they are then take to the site the banner is advertising .

Where can I get a banner for my web site?
You can create your own banner with any graphics program like Photoshop, Photopaint, or Paint Shop Pro. If you're not graphically inclined contact us we'll be happy to create a banner for you for a small fee.

What does CPM stand for?
CPM = Cost per Mille, Mille is French and it translates to Cost per thousand. So if you are buying 50,000 ads at $2.00 CPM the total cost = $100 ( 50 x $2 ).

What is a Click Through?
When someone Click's Through it means they click on your banner and visit your site. So if you have 25 click throughs that means 25 people have clicked your banner and visited your site.

What is a CTR?
CTR Click-through ratio is a ratio of the number of times a banner is shown to the number of times it is clicked on. For example, if a banner has a CTR of 40:1, it means that 1 out of 40 people have clicked on it or 2.5% of the people who viewed it clicked it.

What do I do if I need a copy of my i-clicks HTML Code?
If you have lost or deleted your i-clicks code, just log into your account and click on the get html link.

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