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The I-Clicks network is one of the highest paying banner Networks on the planet. Established in 1999, I-Clicks has served the publication needs of thousands of web sites by providing high quality - content rich media advertising. The Network is growing daily and will become one of the Industries premier advertising networks.

Generate Revenue

Our publisher services provide web masters to maximize their websites exposure and generate real dollars. Because we attract and maintain only the highest quality publisher sites - we also attract and maintain a high quality of advertiser. This ensures our publishers of quality - real dollar advertisements being displayed on their sites.


The I-Clicks Network has invested a considerable amount of time and money to improve its publisher services. Here are a few of the benefits when publishing with our network:

Guaranteed Payout. You are guaranteed payment when your account reaches the $50.00 level (you may also select to receive payment at higher increments). Our finance department produces a statement for every account on the first of each month and forwards it via US mail accompanied by your check around the 15th of the month.

Pay per Banner. Our latest system allows us to pay you on on a per banner basis and run higher paying banners on your site. We guarentee to pay you atleast 5 cents per unique click, or 50 cents CPM. We pay you atleast 60% of the amount we get.

Banner Blocking. We allow you to block any banner or offer that is available to you. This allows you to maximize your efforts by blocking ads which aren't producing the results you desire.

Detailed Stats. We provide detailed stats on each banner. This includes: Impressions, Clicks, CTR%, Banner Price and Amount made for the current month. These stats allow you to judge how well they are performing, and block the ones which aren't.

Banner Rotation. All banners are rotated on site for you. This allows you to use the same banner code for all your pages.

No-bandwith costs. Because we serve all banners - you do not incur any serving costs.

Support. The I-Clicks Network is only successful when our publisher sites are successful. We work closely with each publisher site to ensure that your earning the most revenue possible. Feel free to contact us toll free at (877) 5-CLICKS anytime to address any questions or issues.



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